Based in Michigan, I’m an almost highschooler with a creative and ever-working mind. I am always working on creative visions to bring new ideas and sometimes worlds to life using film and video. My goal with all of these is the same. Make something that people will enjoy. And in anything I work on, I make sure that goal is met.

I have skills in areas of script writing, graphic design, video editing, business management, as well as am learning and improving my skills in 3D animation and VFX. You can look at my current projects here.

Outside of doing lots of work, I do enjoy lots of memes and video games with a healthy dose of cooking, reading, watching tv, and dare I say a little art?

Editing And Design

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Some other big projects are:

Projects and Ideas Possibly Coming Soon:


You can reach out to me via for any inquires and also can request my resume: